FONTIKULUS Make Water Vending Machine

Manufacturing and installation

Compact size , Easy to install, Low cost solution compared to large water treatment plants.

Operation & Maintenance

Very little maintenance requirement , Operating cost is very low

Community health & social benefit

• Good quality of treated water as per World Health Organization (WHO) Standard, Treated water shall be free from bacteria and other micro-organisms , Drinking & using this water shall reduce water-borne diseases, It shall help in overall health improvement

Product & Services

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Water Treatment Plant

Drinking Water Treatment Plant

We are one of the leading Drinking Treatment Plant Manufacturers

Arsenic Removal Plant

Our Arsenic Removal Plant with low contact time can reduce Arsenic in water upto desired level and as per standard.

Iron Removal Plant

Raw Water generally contains soluble iron in the form of ferrous bicarbonate and insoluble as ferric hydroxide. Water containing ferrous bicarbonate is clear when drawn from a tube well.

Softening Plant

The WATER SOFTENER SYSTEM, offered by us, supports the process of removing divalent cations, usually calcium or magnesium, from water.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

The REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS, offered by us, are used for series of treatments, through with the dissolved salt can remove particles, colloid, organic impurities.

Consultancy & Engineering Services by Fontikulus

For better water efficiency

  • Process Design and Basic Engineering Package of WTP, ETP STP
  • Detailed Engineering & Design WTP, ETP STP
  • Structural Design
  • BOQ Preparation
  • Rate Analysis
  • Detailed Costing
  • Surveys and Investigation
  • Need Assessment for establishing CETPs in the identified Industrial Parks
  • Assessment of Quality and Quantity of effluents generated
  • Feasibility Analysis for viable options
  • Preparation of Project Development Module
  • Project structuring
  • Bid Process Management
  • Augmentation of Existing system and design of new Storm Water Drainage system
  • Preparation of Master Plan of Water Supply Sewage Collection
  • DPR Preparation for Government Department Private Organisation
  • Preparation of Tender Documents and Cost Estimation
  • Risk management strategy for new project
  • Water Audit for both Industry & Municipality

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About Us

Fontikulus is an established company dealing with water industry. Fontilulus was established in 2015 by a group of experienced engineers with special expertise and knowledge in water sector. Fontikulus is originated from the latin word fonticulus which means spring or small fountain.

How the idea came up?

  • Lack of access to purified drinking water in India Lack of continuous supply of Electricity in rural India
  • Search for alternative source of energy
  • GSM based system for better quality control & monitoring
  • Introduction

  • Founded in May,2015
  • Company based in Kolkata
  • Promoters : S.Kar, B.E.(Mechanical), Debashis Banerjee, M.E.(Chemical) Sarmistha Banerjee, B.E.(Chemical),PGDBA
  • Main Product : Water Vending Machine
  • Vending Machine

  • Minimum five stages of purification
  • Solar Power (Dual mode) as main source of energy
  • GSM facility
  • Voice interactive option
  • Online monitoring of Arsenic, Iron & TDS
  • Customised solution based on water source
  • Mineral rich product water